Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Announcement: Vintage Photo Booth!

Since we all have camera phones, we also have so many photos it's hard to keep track of them. We take photos of ourselves, our kids, our friends but there's usually one thing missing… or better yet, one person missing. The family portrait isn't what it used to be, because there's always one person missing- the one taking the photo.
Portrait of the London family children

We would like to bring you back in time to when a family portrait was cherished and special. We are so excited to announce, that with the help of the Richmond Photo Club we will be hosting a vintage photo booth. You will have the option to choose between a barn setting and a simple drawing room setting, and costumes will be provided in all sizes. 

We want you to make some amazing memories at London Family Farm Day and we want you to be able to record them. To make this accessible to everyone, all photos will be paid for by donations. Please join us on Sunday August 16th for your opportunity to have a family portrait taken by one of the Richmond Photo Club's wonderful photographers!

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