Friday, August 7, 2015

Creating the next generation of Handymen and Handywomen

Woodworking was one of the many skills of some of the London Family Children, and thanks to The Home Depot, your children will also get a chance to develop their woodworking skills. Both parents and children will have the opportunity to build a handmade item, provided by The Home Depot. 

With instructions from the Home Depot's staff and help from parents and volunteers, kids will have the opportunity to learn how to use small hand tools such as: hammers, screwdrivers, etc. to build and bring home their first piece of woodwork in a safe environment. 

This activity was extremely popular for kids during last year's London Family Farm Day and we are expecting it to be a hit again. Lining up early to register is strongly advised.

The Nylon Zoo is back!

In case you haven't heard, the Nylon Zoo will be returning to London Family Farm Day again this year and bringing a new sculpture with them… A Mother Beluga Whale and her Baby! Come and join us for a chance to experience the amazing colours and interactive storytelling that is the Nylon Zoo.  

The Mother Beluga Whale and her Baby are inflatable sculptures part of the Nylon Zoo, brought to the event by Angela Brown the "Ta Daa Lady". Inside of the tent, Angela will perform her interactive storytelling.

As the program starts, participating kids (and parents) will be welcome at the gated area where they get ready to take part in the Nylon Zoo. After choosing a costume to dress up, they will then parade around the site and stop in an open space to do a dance where each participant gets to dance or act out, his or her animal. When they return, they will enter the inflatable Mother Beluga Whale for the interactive storytelling by the "Ta Daa Lady."

The creator of the Nylon Zoo is Evelyn Roth; a world-renowned artist in both fabric art and wearable art and a world-renowned visual and performance artist. Evelyn is the creator of these unique and colorful inflatable sculptures and costumes for parades. She is originally Canadian but she now resides in Maslin Beach Australia with her talented painter husband John Davis ( 

Photo source of Mother & Baby Beluga Whale:

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Start early for the Pony Rides

Pony Rides have become a staple at London Family Farm Day and are easily our most popular event. Not only do they bring London Farm back to a time where they had ponies on the farm, but they are also extremely fun for kids! Along with our petting zoo, kids will be able to see the animals, learn how to ride the ponies and learn how the London Children cared for their own farm animals. According to May (London) Mack's recollection of growing up on London Farm her sister Lucy "rode the Shetland Pony", as guests of London Family Farm day will get the opportunity to do as well. 

The Pony Rides are a paid activity, yet due to their popularity we are still expecting some lines and wait times. We will have lots of other events and games going on, but we recommend lining up early so as not to miss out! Hope to see you there! 

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Introducing: Ivan Sayers, Fashion Historian

Family Farm Day 2015 Presents: Ivan Sayers

Ivan Sayers, a fashion historian with an extensive collection of historic clothing, will be joining us for this year's Family Farm Day. Ivan worked at the Vancouver Museum for 20 years, working as its Curator of History for many years. He has also taught courses at Simon Fraser University and is known for his charismatic and comical lectures. We are looking forward to having him at our event, and to bring even more history to London Farm.

We truly want London Family Farm Day to be a family event. Although we have many attractions that appeal to younger children, people of all ages including parents and grandparents, will be very interested in Ivan Sayers and his marvellous collection.

For more information on Ivan Sayers please check out this interview with MONTECRISTO Magazine:
Ivan Sayers: Interview with MONTECRISTO Magazine

Hope to see you all at London Family Farm Day… only 11 days to go!