Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Introducing: Ivan Sayers, Fashion Historian

Family Farm Day 2015 Presents: Ivan Sayers

Ivan Sayers, a fashion historian with an extensive collection of historic clothing, will be joining us for this year's Family Farm Day. Ivan worked at the Vancouver Museum for 20 years, working as its Curator of History for many years. He has also taught courses at Simon Fraser University and is known for his charismatic and comical lectures. We are looking forward to having him at our event, and to bring even more history to London Farm.

We truly want London Family Farm Day to be a family event. Although we have many attractions that appeal to younger children, people of all ages including parents and grandparents, will be very interested in Ivan Sayers and his marvellous collection.

For more information on Ivan Sayers please check out this interview with MONTECRISTO Magazine:
Ivan Sayers: Interview with MONTECRISTO Magazine

Hope to see you all at London Family Farm Day… only 11 days to go!

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